Welcome to Lemon Grove Market!

Lemon Grove Market hosts specialty shopping events in Orange County.  These markets are curated to give you the most variety of original designs for gift giving, your home, and yourself.  Our goal is to provide you with quality handmade items, while treating you to an exceptional shopping experience.  Visit our Market Calendar for information on upcoming events!

We hope to see you there~


Why we do what we do:

Our love for handmade started over 20 years ago.  Since then our passion has grown from just following makers to now supporting makers.  We believe that small businesses should have every opportunity to thrive and succeed!  So we create opportunities for handmade artist to share their creations with new audiences.  While visiting markets and handmade events over the years, we realized that the majority of them were happening outside of Orange County.  We want to change that!  You can find our markets mainly in the southern cities of O.C.