Arts & Crafts

What do you think of when you hear Arts & Crafts?  White glue, plastic beads, and paper plates?  I think this is what we have allowed Arts & Crafts to become in our minds.  Yet, Arts & Crafts started as something entirely different!

Arts & Crafts was an international movement that emerged during the late Victorian period in England.  The movement was fueled to counter the Industrial Revolution. It quickly spread through Europe and North America even making it’s way to Japan in the 1920’s.

During it’s rise, hand-craftsmanship was reevaluated in a positive light.  Designers involved in the movement stood for traditional craftsmanship and simple forms.  This design style was mainly used in decor, furnishings, and architecture.

I believe, today, the modern maker represents the essence of the Arts & Crafts movement.  By taking a step back to custom hand skills, mastering individual tools vs. machinery, and integrating processes that utilizes time rather than saving it.

While we all suffer from full schedules, hectic days, and non-stop social stimulation, we are fortunate to still have the opportunity to consciously choose a product,  a piece of jewelry, or a furnishing that embodies the spirit of creativity, serenity, and integrity.


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