Valentine’s Day Pop Up

February 7th – 10th

Mercantile West Shopping Center, Ladera Ranch

25612 Crown Valley Parkway

Mercantile West 


Pop up details & Important information ( please read all info.)

Lemon Grove Market is partnering with Mercantile West to bring a specialty Valentine’s Day pop up to the community of Ladera Ranch. This market is specific to this holiday, please bring items that match the theme of Valentine’s day.  3 day fee is $225 + 20% of sales.  Sales will go through a central system run by LGM team and checks for your sales will be given to you on Sunday, February 10th at time of break down.  This is an awesome opportunity to scale your business!

Vendor Responsibilities:

  1. Set up product on February 6th ( 2 pm – 8 pm) and breaking down product on February 10th ( 4 pm – 6 pm)
  2. All items need to be priced
  3. A price sheet with quantity and prices needs to be turned in to LGM by February 1, 2019.  ( LGM will provide you with this sheet after payment is received.)
  4. You provide display items.  Rectangle (6ft) tables with tablecloth are not allowed.  Please be creative in your display.  Use small tables, multiple heights, rugs, crates,shelving, hooks, ( walls can be used for display)  Clothing racks are not permitted ( unless space against a wall is available) Please use  hooks or mannequins to display clothing, crates or shelves to hold inventory.
  5. Post on Instagram/Facebook each day of Market sharing the market and product you have in market.  If posts are not made each day, an extra 10% will be charged by LGM to your sales at end of pop up. 
  6. Application (below) needs to be fully filled out.  Once application is received you will be invoiced for the 3 days.  Your space is saved once your payment is received.

LGM Responsibilities:

  1. Secure commercial space
  2. Provide insurance to cover retail location ( any loss of product due to damage, shoplifting, or inventory miscalculation will NOT be covered during the pop up shop)
  3. Promote pop up shop and products through Mercantile West website, LGM social media, local community pages, local schools, Ladera Ranch Chamber of Commerce, Press Releases, and collaboration with shopping center tenants.
  4. Coordinate and manage workshops and ticket sales
  5. Facilitate sale of products
  6. Manage and operate shop during the pop up days.